First Finish for 2014

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So, I thought that this one was going to squeak by just under the wire – finished in the last few hours of 2013…..Nope, didn’t quite make it… Really, it was almost done, but I could not, in all good conscience say that it was completed in 2013.  I actually finished it at a staff retreat on January 6th (just… Read more »

Secret Gardens

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From draft dated May 20, 2013 at 6:12 am This was another finish for the Fair, which (I have to say) provided a really good impetus to actually finish such projects that had been lingering for a while – in this case for almost a year. I participated in a virtual quilt bee about a year ago that included a large… Read more »


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So, I recently drove down to Old Forge to pick up the quilts that were on display there for the Quilts Unlimited exhibition.  It was a lovely drive – three hours there and three coming back – the temperature was in the high 40s and it was rainy.  Sounds like I’m being facetious, but the recent temperatures had been hovering below the… Read more »


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TAUNY (Traditional Arts in Upstate New York) invited me to hang some of my work in the TAUNY Center for a couple of weeks as a sort of fill-in between larger exhibits.  This is a wonderful opportunity for my work to be seen and, more importantly, to demonstrate more of what I can do.  The quilts we chose for this exhibit… Read more »

St. Lawrence County Arts Council Artists’ Studio Tour

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TAUNY has invited me to use some of their space as a surrogate studio so that I can participate in the SLC Arts Council Artists’ Studio Tour (’cause, you know, my actual studio has a bed, cats, a dog and children running through it, as well as towering piles of fabric and projects in various states of completion – from “Barely… Read more »

Example of a STF Quilt

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As sort of a continuation of the previous post, remember that pink-and-grey pile of HSTs I mentioned?  This is what it became… The pile of pink and grey HSTs was fairly sizeable when I first sorted it out last Fall.  I liked the combination so much that I added to that pile whenever I ran across pieces that would suit. … Read more »

Playing Catch-Up

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Well, in the days leading up to the Antique and Artisan Fair, I managed to finish quite a few WIPs, as well have a few unexpected start-to-finishes. (I clearly need a handy nickname for those – STFs, perhaps?  They so often crop up and are rarely weedy… 😉 I’ve been busy uploading and labeling pix for the last week or… Read more »

St Lawrence Co. Historical Association Antiques & Artisan Fair

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So, last weekend was the first show I’ve had a booth at in 20 years or so.  Had a great time. I enjoyed meeting the other artisans and the antique/collectible dealers and seeing all the stuff they brought.  Talking to them was very helpful, particularly for information regarding other shows that might be good venues for me.   It was… Read more »

Mother Goose

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I had been saving some scraps of a Mother Goose print for years so I could do something with them.  The fabric was a cotton polyester blend, so I didn’t want to use it with regular cottons.  As bits and pieces of other such blend fabrics were found or came into my possession, I stuck them away with the Mother Goose… Read more »

The Raid

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I actually finished the work on this piece last November/December, although I didn’t sign it, or make the hanging rod, until last month.  And, I didn’t get a decent picture of it until a day or two ago. This came about after a raid on my favorite quilt shop ( in Richmond, Virginia.  I say raid because I left there… Read more »