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Example of a STF Quilt

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As sort of a continuation of the previous post, remember that pink-and-grey pile of HSTs I mentioned?  This is what it became… The pile of pink and grey HSTs was fairly sizeable when I first sorted it out last Fall.  I liked the combination so much that I added to that pile whenever I ran across pieces that would suit. … Read more »

Playing Catch-Up

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Well, in the days leading up to the Antique and Artisan Fair, I managed to finish quite a few WIPs, as well have a few unexpected start-to-finishes. (I clearly need a handy nickname for those – STFs, perhaps?  They so often crop up and are rarely weedy… 😉 I’ve been busy uploading and labeling pix for the last week or… Read more »

St Lawrence Co. Historical Association Antiques & Artisan Fair

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So, last weekend was the first show I’ve had a booth at in 20 years or so.  Had a great time. I enjoyed meeting the other artisans and the antique/collectible dealers and seeing all the stuff they brought.  Talking to them was very helpful, particularly for information regarding other shows that might be good venues for me.   It was… Read more »