St Lawrence Co. Historical Association Antiques & Artisan Fair

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So, last weekend was the first show I’ve had a booth at in 20 years or so.  Had a great time.

Booth - From the Front

Booth – From the Front

I enjoyed meeting the other artisans and the antique/collectible dealers and seeing all the stuff they brought.  Talking to them was very helpful, particularly for information regarding other shows that might be good venues for me.

Booth - Front Left Close-up

Booth – Front Left Close-up


It was very gratifying to hear the lovely comments from other vendors and the public regarding my work.  Online sales and gallery sales don’t present the same opportunity for feedback that having a bunch of my stuff gathered for public viewing in my presence gives.  My booth was in the center area surrounded by walkways, meaning that all four sides of it were available for display.  I had The Anarchist hung behind my chair facing away.  It was kind of neat to hear patrons talking to each other about it while sitting unseen behind it.

Booth - From the Right Side

Booth – From the Right Side

I had people ask me about my work on vintage textiles and take my card.  For the next show, I hope to have some examples of quilts made from vintage blocks.  I currently have two that I am working on – one of pink-red star blocks and one of log cabin and maple leaf blocks.

Booth - From the Back

Booth – From the Back

In the madness of preparation and last minute details, I did manage to finish a few more items for sale and display than I expected to.  In addition to everything else I had (bibs, mug rugs, etc.), I made 15 pillows and 2 dozen or so dish towels.  (I ran out of labels and had not yet received the new batch. I hated to sell them without labels, but when the new ones come, I’ll be able to add them to the ones I have left.)  I did have three labels left, so rather than pick amongst that lot for which to label, I used them on three more quilts – two HST and one vintage cheater cloth.  I hope to get better pictures of the two HST ones this weekend.  You can see both (barely) in the shot of the booth from the front, left.  One is a pink and grey pinwheel crib quilt, the other is a wall hanging in blues-greens (mostly) called Random Thoughts.  So, more on those later.

The next shows I hope to participate in are the Ogdensburg Zonta Antique and Artisan Fair on July 21 2013 and the Adirondack Museum Fibre Arts Festival in Blue Mountain Lake on October 5, 2013.  Fingers crossed….