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TAUNY (Traditional Arts in Upstate New York) invited me to hang some of my work in the TAUNY Center for a couple of weeks as a sort of fill-in between larger exhibits.  This is a wonderful opportunity for my work to be seen and, more importantly, to demonstrate more of what I can do.  The quilts we chose for this exhibit range from early in my career to one of my most recent finished projects (more on that later), they showcase both piecing and applique, as well as other techniques such as beading and hand-embroidery, and one of them, the Maple Leaf Log Cabin, is an example of a vintage project that I finished for someone else.

TAUNY Show - November 2013

TAUNY Show – November 2013

The center one above, Odyssey, is the earliest of all of these and dates from the very early 1990s.  Next to it, Little Boxes, is the newest – finished this Summer.  On the left, is the Maple Leaf Log Cabin.  The blocks for that quilt were made by Margaret Woodall (more on that one later, too!).


Luna - TAUNY Show - November 2013

Luna – TAUNY Show – November 2013

On the other side of the space are these three wallhangings, all of which date from the early-to-mid 1990s.  These are parts of two separate series that I started based upon mask designs cut from folded paper.  Luna is the latest of these three, dating from approximately 1994-1995.

Sorrow - TAUNY Show - November 2013

Sorrow – TAUNY Show – November 2013

Luna was part of a series that also included Dawn and Night.  Somewhere, I have pictures of Dawn – I shall have to find those (or get more – I know where it is)…

Rage - TAUNY Show - November 2013

Rage – TAUNY Show – November 2013

Sorrow and Rage are also part of a series intended specifically to portray emotions.  There are others in this series, some closer to being finished than others:  Fear is one and Dreaming is another.  These were the first ones made and there is actually a great deal of handwork to be seen in the beading and the embroidery (tho’ not in these photos – I have some better ones in the Gallery for those who care to look…As a matter of fact, there are better pictures of ALL of these pieces there.)

In any case, I am proud beyond measure that TAUNY chose these pieces to display for this mini-exhibit and I am so thrilled to see them hanging where people can see them.  Thank you TAUNY for all that you do – and not just for me.  To find out more about TAUNY’s mission go to and enjoy!