Custom Orders

I usually start any project with some parameters as known quantities – size, use of a particular fabric(s) or color scheme, etc.  Sometimes, I have a certain theme in mind.  Some projects begin with parameters that are mine from start to finish.

For custom work, you tell me what your parameters are.  Do you want a bed quilt to give to a particular someone as a gift?  Do you want to commemorate an occasion or event such as a wedding, birth, family get-together, etc?  Do you want to preserve memories of someone particular using clothing (ties, T-shirts, baby clothes, handkerchiefs)? Do you have an historic, vintage or modern textile you would like to display easily (quilts, garments, lace)? Do you want a new focal point (wallhanging, throw or pillow) for a particular room?  Do you have an unfinished project, new or vintage, that you would like to see completed? A worn but treasured heirloom textile that you would like to give new life?

I enjoy the challenge of working within parameters and, because everyone’s parameters are different, exploring new ideas and techniques along the way.

I can reproduce antique and vintage textiles and clothing, using many different historical techniques.  However, when the parameters allow, my own imagination and creativity find ways to express whatever themes or ideas are hanging about inside my head at the time.   Yours or mine.  Images printed on the individual fabric, the way color or contrast or shape can flow or twist, shapes that tessellate, symmetry and balance, mathmatic or organic –  any and all of these elements (as well as lots of others) add interest and depth and meaning to seemingly simple designs.

My custom design work is personal and can reflect whatever theme(s) or atmostphere(s) you choose – light, intense, warm or cool, fey, folk art, representative, impressionistic, abstract, naturalistic, stark, soothing – the possibilities are endless and you can be as involved as you wish to be.  You can approve a project or design at various stages of construction, select among design options or leave the whole thing up to me as you choose.

In addition to actual contstruction and design, I can provide consultation services.  Perhaps you know what you want to do, but are not sure exactly how to accomplish it?  Would you like to make/finish a quilt (or a sampler or some wearable art, etc.) for yourself or for a special gift?  I can help you with that.   I can alter or draft patterns, assist with cutting, sewing, finishing or any other step in your project.  Or, perhaps I can show you how to do something for yourself?  For more information on that topic, see Teaching.

My rates are reasonable, but they are calculated on a case-by-case basis so it is difficult to offer a guide.  Such calculations take into account my time, the size of the project, the materials involved, and many other factors.  That being said, I can be flexible and can easily work within a budget.  So, best advice?  Contact me and let’s discuss it!

NOTE:  My own inclinations run to mostly geometric designs with a large palette of fabrics.  I favor 100% cotton, and seldom work with anything other than natural fibers.  With very few exceptions, my fabrics are pre-washed and so are most of my quilts.  I rarely take on extremely large projects.  However, these are not rules.