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Mother Goose

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I had been saving some scraps of a Mother Goose print for years so I could do something with them.  The fabric was a cotton polyester blend, so I didn’t want to use it with regular cottons.  As bits and pieces of other such blend fabrics were found or came into my possession, I stuck them away with the Mother Goose… Read more »

The Raid

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I actually finished the work on this piece last November/December, although I didn’t sign it, or make the hanging rod, until last month.  And, I didn’t get a decent picture of it until a day or two ago. This came about after a raid on my favorite quilt shop (http://quiltingadventures.com/) in Richmond, Virginia.  I say raid because I left there… Read more »

The Anarchist

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Oops – been almost two weeks since I posted.  I must make myself post more often than that or I shall never keep current.  In fairness, I haven’t done as much sewing as I might have – due in part to uploading months’ worth of photos to my computer, to flickr and here, and everything that goes with that, as… Read more »